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Founder and Undergraduate Co-Chair

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Syreeta Nolan, Founder and Undergraduate Co-Chair Syreeta Nolan is a disability advocate at University of California San Diego majoring in Human Health Psychology. She serves as Underrepresented Student Officer for the University of California Student Association and co-founded UCSA’s Disability Ad Hoc Committee (which would later outgrow UCSA and become JADE). Syreeta identifies as a Black, Disabled, bisexual woman and her lived experiences have informed her advocacy and career goals. She hopes to go to graduate school for Health Policy and Management towards her goal of transforming the mental health field through comprehensive preventive systems similar to what we have in our physical health system.

Undergraduate Co-Chair

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Ari Schmulbach, Undergraduate Co-Chair Ari is a queer disabled student studying molecular and cellular biology at UC Berkeley. They serve as a JADE Undergraduate co-chair, and most of their advocacy centers around health care disparities caused by social and structural constructs. They also co-lead the emergency planning research team in the UC Berkeley Disability Lab and focus their work around providing self evacuation efforts as opposed to designated waiting areas.

Undergraduate Co-Chair

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Lauren Anding, Undergraduate Co-Chair Lauren Anding is a disabled student who aims to attend medical school and use her own experiences to help benefit patients with her similar chronic illness. As a biology major and spanish minor at UC Riverside, she also is a JADE undergraduate Co-chair and undergrad chair representative for the Accomodation, Advocacy, Education, and Reform Subcommittee of the UC-wide Disability Ad Hoc, the founding member and president of the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society of UCR, vice president of Student Disability Union, is an SDRC peer mentor, and a certified peer educator at UC Riverside. Lauren hopes to continue to strengthen the disabled community by empowering and recognizing students. She hopes that JADE will continue to expand and benefit disabled students for years to come.

Graduate Chair

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Vicky Ballmes, Graduate Co-Chair Vicky is a doctoral candidate in Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research explores community responses to trauma and violence. More specifically, her dissertation focuses on Late Antique Jewish community reactions to trauma and religious violence during the Christianization of the Roman Empire in the late fourth and early fifth centuries. She serves as a JADE Graduate Co-chair and the Graduate Co-chair for the Basic Needs subcommittee of the UC-wide Disability Ad Hoc. In addition to working on her dissertation and advocating for disability justice, Vicky also works as the Regional Direct Services Manager for the American Red Cross, Central California Region.

Social Media Liaisons


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Information Technology

Web Developer

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Oliver Puffer, Web Developer I am a Disabled student studying Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. I built and manage the JADE website, and I work on team RAMP Engine in Karen Nakamura's Disability lab. I enjoy learning new technologies, so I have aquired skills in Web Development, AI, game development, and software engineering, and computer architecture. I voulenteer as an Academic Intern for CS61c (The Machine Structures course at UC Berkeley) and hope to work in VLSI.

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