JADE is a Nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for disabled students, alumni, staff, and faculty within higher education and beyond. By and for disabled students, we work to promote access to campus resources, education, safety, well-being, and community throughout academia.

As an organization our vision is to serve as a catalyst for the reformation of practices within higher education to systematically remove barriers and uplift disabled students such that they might thrive in and beyond the classroom. When disabled students thrive on campus, they feel more prepared for their careers and confident in their qualifications. JADE exists to holistically empower the disabled community and embody the changes we want to see in higher education. We aim to work from an intersectional framework recognizing not only traditional measures of diversity--gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, etc--but also the diversity within disability. No matter if visible, invisible, physician diagnosed, self diagnosed, undiagnosed, neurological, psychological, or physical we recognise every experience as valid and unique.

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